Yeast Free Foods

What Are Yeast Free Foods?

If you regularly suffer from yeast infections, or a yeast overgrowth, or if you have recently been on antibiotics, then you may have been advised to eat yeast free foods.

Yeast free foods are foods that either do not contain any yeast (fungal growth) or those foods that do not promote yeast growth. In this article, we look at what they are, and how to identify them.

Foods without Yeast

Some foods naturally contain yeast, or fungal growth. These foods will increase the level of yeast in your body if you eat them.

Foods like bread, cheese (which is often made with a form of fungus), beer and wine, and any fermented foods, like sauerkraut, pickles or tofu are all naturally high in yeast, and should be avoided if you are eating yeast free.

Vinegars, as well as hydrogenated oils, including margarine, can also contain yeast, as can certain types of nuts and beans, so caution should be taken when including those foods in a yeast free diet.

Foods That Promote Yeast Growth

Other foods that should be avoided are those that promote yeast growth. These include foods that are high in sugar, like chocolate, fruit, and starches, including starchy vegetables.

Tea and coffee, and other foods that contain caffeine should also be avoided, as should processed foods, which often contain high levels of sugar that yeast loves to grow from.

Be careful, when shopping for foods that do not contain yeast, that you avoid foods with hidden yeasts, as well as those that contain high levels of fat or sugar, such as chips or cookies. As a general rule of thumb, the fresher and less processed your food is, the better.

Good Choices

Good choices, when it comes to yeast free foods, include fresh vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry. Virgin or cold pressed oils are also a good choice, and while most dairy should be avoided, live culture yogurt is a good addition, as the bacteria help to combat high yeast levels.

Whole grains are a good choice too, as are whole grain products like oatmeal and whole grain pasta.

Cooking with yeast free foods is generally a lot simpler than cooking for a regular diet, and usually, meat and vegetables will form the basis of your meals. When it comes to drinks, water, or green tea are your best choices, and it is best to avoid all fruit juices and sugary beverages.

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